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Please see the below FAQs which answer many questions about the Night Sky Show. If your question isn’t answered below, please send us a message by hitting the CONTACT US button below and we will try and answer as soon as possible. If your question is venue specific, please contact the venue directly.


Show FAQs

What's The Show About?

The Night Sky Show is a full theatrical performance for people who enjoy, have an interest in, or simply wonder when they look up at the night sky. It is a show for everyone.
Facts, fiction, comedy and more are presented together in a light-hearted and entertaining way.
A large cinema-sized screen, state of the art lighting, special effects and amazing sound create a fully immersive and unforgettable experience.
The show is designed to help ordinary people from all walks of life enjoy and understand the night sky in a fun and memorable way. There’s very little heavy science or hard to follow technical explanations, just an evening of great information and entertainment.

Who is The Show for?

The Night Sky Show is for anyone or everyone no matter your level of interest or ability. This is a show for all.
If you only just wonder what that star is on the horizon, or are really into the night sky and want to see something different, then the show is for you. It is intended to interest, entertain and inspire.

Are There any Age Restrictions?

The show is suitable for ages 8 to 80 and older!

When accompanied by an adult, children are most welcome. The show is suitable for children aged 8+ or slightly younger if they are mature for their years. This is due to the length, time and content of the performances.
There are some Saturday Matinee performances which will be suitable for families with younger children. Please see the HOME page or TICKETS + DATES page for details.

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

You can purchase tickets by telephone, online or even in person for some venues.
Select the show you would like to attend from the list on our Home Page and click the “BUY TICKETS” button or visit the TICKETS + DATES page and select a show there. You can then see more detail about the shows times, venue and more information etc. You can purchase your tickets by clicking the “BOOK NOW” button.
Either of the above will take you to the specific venues Box office/ booking pages for the show.

*Tickets are not sold on this website and are dealt with directly by each individual venues Box Office.*

Can I Book Tickets by Telephone?

Yes, you can buy tickets by telephone. Visit our HOME page and click on the “BUY TICKETS” button for your chosen venue/ date and you will be taken to the venue website. You will find the telephone number for the Box Office either on the booking or home page of the venue’s website.

Alternatively, visit our TICKETS + DATES pages and click the “VIEW DETAIL” button for your chosen date/ venue. This will take you the event page where you will find the Box Office telephone number for that specific show.

How Long is The Show - Will There be an Interval?

The show is approximately 2 hours long plus a short half time interval – usually 20 minutes, for refreshments/ comfort break and merchandise if you wish to purchase it.
Visit our “TICKETS + DATES” page and click the “VIEW DETAIL” button for your chosen show. An approximate running order will be included with the show information.
In general, the running time will be 45 – 50 minutes for the first half, a 20 – 30 minute interval, and 70 minutes for the second half.

Is There a Bar, Cafe, or Restaurant?

Each venue for the Night Sky Show has been booked with pre-show and interval refreshments in mind.
All of the venues have a licensed bar. Some also have a cafe` or restaurant available

Will Merchandise be on Sale?

We plan to have merchandise on sale pre-show and during the interval at a Merch stand for each show. Alternatively, merchandise will be available to buy online from this website soon.

How Can I Keep up to Date with Show News?

Sign up for our email newsletter or alternatively follow @VirtualAstro on twitter and Facebook.

Will There be Loud Noises or Strobe Lighting?

The Show is a full theatrical performance and will contain music, sound effects and stage lighting.
If you have any concerns please get in touch via our “CONTACT” page and we will do our best to provide you with information.

There is no strobe lighting, but there may be flashing images on screen.

Is There a Dress Code?

No, come dressed in whatever you feel comfortable in and in accordance with the venues rules and local by-laws.

Will The Show be Streamed or Recorded for Viewing Online?

There are no plans currently to stream the show online, live, or recorded due to copyright restrictions.
Please sign up for our newsletter and follow @VirtualAstro on Twitter and Facebook for updates on future online projects.

Why Can't I Take Photo's or Videos During the Show?

There are a number of reasons why you cannot take photographs, video or audio recordings of the show.
In a nutshell, capturing images, video or sound will breach copyright and privacy laws. The show content is only licensed to be played/ performed at the venue under copyright law. Reproduction, broadcast, posting on social media, youtube or any other online channel or website is strictly prohibited under copyright law. 
Anyone caught recording images, video or sound during the show may be ejected from the show by the venue.

Will There be a Q&A Session?

A Q&A session will take place during the show. You can submit questions during the interval. Instructions will be given at the start of the interval.

Will There be Telescopes to Look Through or any Outdoor Observing?

This is an indoor event in theatres  There will not be any outdoor practical observing of the night sky during the show. 

You are however if it is clear and safe to do so, encouraged to enjoy the night sky on your way home. 

Venue FAQs

I Have a Question About the Venue.

Please direct all your venue and ticket questions to the venue directly. You can find their contact details via the links on the HOME and TICKETS + DATES pages.

I Can't See a Venue Close to Me.

If you would like the Night Sky Show to come to a venue near you, please mention @VirtualAstro on twitter or Facebook or send us a message from our “CONTACT: page. The more interest we get in a specific area, the more likely the show will be there in the future.

Is There Car Parking at the Venue?

For details parking and other facilities and information please contact the show venue directly.

Is there Disabled Access/ Seating for Each Show?

Each venue has varying provisions for disabled access. Please contact the venue directly for more information and to book.

Can I Book Show dining, Pre-Show, or Interval Drinks?

This is venue dependent and you will have to contact the venue directly for more information. Most venues offer this.

Can I Take Food and Drink?

This is down to the venue and unlikely. The show is in theatres and some cinema-style venues. Food and drink may be available to buy at the venue prior to the show and during the interval depending on the venue. Please speak to the venue directly to check and to avoid any misunderstandings.

Is There a Bar, Cafe, or Restaurant?

Each venue for the Night Sky Show has been booked with pre-show and interval refreshments in mind.
All of the venues have a licensed bar. Some also have a cafe` or restaurant available.

I'm Late for The Show. What Do I do?

If you are late and still wish to attend, please contact the Venue directly. Each venue has varying late arrival policies.

I Can't Make it to The Show, Can I Refund or Sell My Ticket?

Each Venue has varying policies for refunding tickets and it is best to ask them directly to see what they can do.

If you have spare tickets, please contact @VirtualAstro on Twitter and Facebook. A tweet/ post will be sent out with info about your tickets. Fingers crossed, someone may buy them from you.

What Happens If The Show I booked is Re-Sheduled?

Due to circumstances out of our control, we sometimes have to reschedule shows.

If the show you have booked has been rescheduled to another date in the future, you will be notified directly by the venue via email. You will be contacted via the information you provided when you booked. Please check your junk email folder or if your mailbox is full if you have not received an email.

You do not have to do anything. Your purchased tickets and seating arrangements will automatically be carried over to the new date. The only thing that will change is the date and in a few cases, the time may change also. Please check your update email for details.

Please contact the venue you purchased your tickets from directly for any questions, or if you require ticket refunds due to not being to attend on the rescheduled date etc.

Cancellations and Refunds.

In the unlikely event a show is cancelled (this would only happen for reasons out of our control such as dangerous weather conditions, illness, disaster etc.) We will endeavour to notify you as soon as we are aware that the show has had to be cancelled. This will be done by the venue via email and The Night Sky Show via social media. Always check with the venue to find out more information.
Refunds can only be dealt with by the venue/ booking company where the tickets were purchased from. We have no influence or control over refunds. Please deal with the venue directly.

If your question isn’t listed above, please send us a message via the CONTACT Page if your question is show related. If your question relates to information about a venue, please contact the venue directly.

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